In-Home Dog Training

Why Private Training? Train your dog or puppy where you need him to listen.

By training where you need your dog to behave—in your home, on a walk or at a park—Gretchen will quickly address YOUR concerns rather than spending weeks on a common curriculum. Every member of your family should delight in your dog or puppy. Your children’s safety, comfort, and enjoyment around your pup are vital in Gretchen’s training programs.

Private In-Home Training Options

30 Minute Consultation


Ready for help with your dog or puppy?

Let Gretchen coach you and the kids After your initial consultation, Gretchen will schedule training sessions with the whole family—custom packages and written training plans included.

Mind Your Manners


The perfect program for your recently adopted dog.

Don’t worry if life’s been too busy to reign in your resident pooch’s jumping, barking or house training problems. Gretchen’s happy to help get your dog’s training on track. Your dog will learn foundation behaviors like “sit,” “wait,” “down,” “come,” leash walking and proper greetings.

Better Behavior


Does your dog suffer from anxiety, fear and aggression.

In this package, you’ll move past building block behaviors and dive deeper into what’s causing doggie drama. Gretchen will give you specific exercises to help your dog navigate scary scenarios and improve his responses in stressful situations.

Sibling Pricing


Got more than one pup? No problem!

Gretchen can coach your whole canine crew!

Pay Per Session


Not ready to commit to a package? No worries!

Many clients buy one session at a time.

Puppy Principles

$125 PER SESSION – 3 FOR $350

(includes clicker and training handouts)

Having a new puppy is so aweome. It’s also exhausting.

You offer your puppy a chew toy, he nips your hand or latches on to your kids’ legs when they run. There’s also the peeing on the rug or fussing in his crate. Let Gretchen can help with housetraining, crate training, nipping, basic cues, socialization, leash walking, and more.

Individual Day Training Options

Individual Training

If your dog needs a training overhaul but you simply do not have the time, Day Training may be the right choice for you!

If your dog needs a training overhaul but you can’t imagine adding one more task to your to-do list, Gretchen to the rescue! She’ll train your dog at for you, while you work. Come home to a tired dog who’s practiced basic manners, leash walking or stay for an hour—whatever you need.

How Does Day Training Work?

After your initial 30-minute consultation to set goals, Gretchen will design a personalized training plan for your pup, and then do the training for you. At the end of the week, Gretchen will show off your dog’s new skills and show you how to maintain your pup’s good behavior. Gretchen will return for a follow-up to make sure you continue to enjoy your training results.

Trust Gretchen with your dog’s training success.

Gretchen is a certified, highly-skilled dog trainer who understands the reasons behind worrisome or inconvenient behaviors. She uses positive methods and professional insight to improve your dog or puppy’s behavior.

Remove the burden of learning how to be a dog trainer. Enjoy the perks of a well-behaved pup.

One Week Package


3 sessions

Gretchen and your dog

1 session

with you, at the end of the week

1 follow-up session

later with the whole family

Two Week Package


6 sessions

Gretchen and your dog

2 sessions

with you, at the end of the week

2 follow-up sessions

later with the whole family

Four Week Package


12 sessions

Gretchen and your dog

4 sessions

with you, at the end of the week

2 follow-up sessions

later with the whole family

Walk and Train

Let Gretchen walk and train your dog

If your dog needs a midday potty break and practice on his leash skills, Gretchen is happy to train your pup during his walk. Limited openings are available for dogs who have completed private or day training packages only.

To schedule your first session, email your completed behavior intake form [PDF or Word]. Gretchen will be in touch to schedule your initial consultation.


Your Veterinarian Recommended Trainer

Gretchen Flood, BS, KPA-CTP, RVT brings years of professional dog and cat experience to your home. Your kids will love her fun, encouraging approach. And you’ll enjoy peace of mind using only positive, effective training techniques guided by a certified dog trainer. Gretchen’s a mom too, so she understands the need to trust your pet around kids, neighbors, family, and friends. Read more about Gretchen’s background and credentials.

  • Experience Gretchen has exceeded pet parents’ expectations since 2006
  • Results You’ll be amazed how quickly your dog or cat learns new behaviors with clicker training
  • Convenience Training in your home, scheduled around your busy life
  • Education As a certified trainer, Gretchen uses only scientifically-sound, positive methods
  • Real-life solutions Maximize results training where you need it most
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In the words of a happy client (one of many)

Gretchen is a blessing to us and our little dog. She gets instant results and our dog looks forward to working with her. She is warm, patient, incredibly skillful and has a deep background in positive training techniques. She always has a variety of approaches and materials to keep out dog interested and eager to do what she is teaching her.

End Quote